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Andrew Fenney

Andrew "Lee" Fenney has been gaming since 1990 and GMing since 1992. At an earlier MileHiCon (Lakewood Sheraton days), he ran a ADnD 3.0 game that lasted the better part of two days. His game experience includes ADnD 2.0/2.5 (rev.), ADnD 3.0/3.5, ADnD 4.0, Whitewolf 2.0/2.5 (rev.) and 3.0, Palladium Rifts, Sanguine Ironclaw/Jadeclaw 1.0/1.5 (rev.), GURPs, BESM Tri-Stat and D20 and various other systems. He has a current game in-progress that has lasted for the last 2-1/2 years. Andrew graduated from CU Boulder with a masters in physics and a minor in social psychology.

My Participants Sessions

Friday, October 23

6:00pm MDT

Saturday, October 24

4:00pm MDT