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Bryan and Baxter

Bryan and Baxter: With over 25 years of experience, Bryan and Baxter use sound scientific methods to investigate everything from psychics to ghosts, poltergeists, cryptids, and UFOs. The duo has appeared on many television shows, books, magazines, news programming, and documentaries. Their stage performances and lectures are wildly entertaining with the duo playing artfully off each other to help get their messages across. They have performed in front of wide, diverse audiences including The Amazing Meeting, StarFest/HorrorFest, Colorado University, Ohlone College, SkeptiCamp, and many others. Currently they can be found hosting Haunted Colorado Dinners and other events. Check the website for event listings. www.bryanandbaxter.com

My Participants Sessions

Saturday, October 24

11:00am MDT

Based on a True Story Mesa Verde BBryan and Baxter

2:00pm MDT