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Cynthia Felice

Cynthia Felice is hard to miss, standing five-foot-ten with curly hair that adds an inch or two. She frequently carries a backpack instead of a purse, and very much enjoys meeting new people and seeing old friends. Among her science fiction works are the novels Godsfire, The Sunbound, Eclipses, Downtime, Nocturne and The Khan’s Persuasion, several collaborations with Connie Willis (Water Witch, Light Raid and Promised Land), “Track of a Legend” (in David Hartwell's Christmas Stars), and “Second Cousin, Twice Removed” (in Isaac Asimov's Christmas).  Iceman (Ace/Berkley) is her most recent full-length solo work.  She is best known for her complex, carefully plotted novels, which have been described as engrossing, amusing, and compelling.  Exotic, exciting detailed settings and intense interpersonal relationships make her novels some of the reliably enjoyable science fiction on the market today, and have inspired such comments as "Let me choose my words carefully. This is the finest science fiction novel I have read in the last five years" (Science Fiction Review) and "...fun, fast and full of schemes that keep it entertaining" (Locus).  She and Ed Bryant co-founded the Colorado Springs Writer’s Workshop. Cynthia grew up in Chicago and now lives with her husband on a ridge east of Colorado Springs overlooking the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Her hobbies include mountaineering, stargazing, gardening, reading, Hawaiiana, wolf hounds, lure coursing, and occasional river rafting and horseback riding. She is currently at work on a new novel.