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Doug Beason

Dr. Doug Beason is the author of 14 books, eight with collaborator Kevin J. Anderson, including Ignition (bought by Universal studios) and Ill Wind (recently optioned by Fox Studios).  His latest book is The E-Bomb. A Nebula Award finalist, Doug's short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, and he has written for publications as diverse as Analog and Amazing Stories, to Physical Review Letters and The Wall Street Journal. A Fellow of the American Physical Society and Ph.D. physicist, Doug has worked on the White House staff for the President's Science Advisor, was the Associate Laboratory Director at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was responsible for reducing the global threat of weapons of mass destruction, and was recently Chief Scientist for Air Force Space Command. Doug is at work on two collaborative novels, as well as one of his own. Visit him at http://www.DougBeason.com.  

My Participants Sessions

Friday, October 23

2:00pm MDT

Let Your Ears Do the Reading Mesa Verde ASusan N.C. Price • W.C. Bauers • Doug Beason • Nathan Lowell • Robin Owens

Saturday, October 24

1:00pm MDT

7:00pm MDT


My Moderators Sessions

Sunday, October 25

3:00pm MDT