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Eytan Kollin

Eytan Kollin was born in a mid-sized American city back when flower power and Star Trek were new ideas. He had a typical American existence of going to a public school where he pretended to learn from people who pretended to teach. In between, he did the typical growing up things for a future sci-fi author: role playing games, drugs, sex, movies and television, sex and lots of reading science fiction. In a humorous turn of events, he became one of the mindless drones of bureaucracy, a public school teacher. He found a lot of teaching could be accomplished as long as it didn't get in the way of the job. Then his brother came along and said, "Hey story man, we should write a book together.” Eight years later in April 2009, The Unincorporated Man was published by TOR. The Unincorporated War came out in May 2010 and The Unincorporated Woman in August 2011. So Eytan hopes this turns into a paying career (ha-ha, ha-ha, ha-ha).