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Michael Burgess

Rev. Michael Lee Burgess, when quite young (a very very long time ago), came across the massive library of his father Rev. Richard L. Burgess and discovered Edger Rice Burrows' Mars Series and E.E. Doc Smith's Lensman series. This exposure to the fruit of the tree of knowledge lead to an ever deeper compulsion to read more of worlds of wonder and courage that just don't happen to show up in our local news reports. Now at the tender age of 58 his appetites have begun to slow down since his body can no longer go without sleep and his local church, the St. Paul Elmwood United Methodist Church, does want to see him out and about on a regular basis. His first SF convention was the 2nd World Con in Denver, from which he became a regular attendee at MileHiCon for 31+ years (the number is under debate). While in Seminary in Denver he started the local branch of the Cartoon and Fantasy Organization of Denver (our newsletter was called the C Food Platter) dedicated to Japanese anime which evolved into the now closed DAI, Denver Anime International. There is a YouTube video of it out there. He has been the art auctioneer for over 21+ years and done the Sunday Morning Worship service at MileHiCon almost that long (all dates are open to debate). He has refereed a modified role play D&D/Pathfinder game for 14 years that has already saved the galaxy at least once (you may thank him). His wife died in 2013 from what is thought to be West Nile Virus. His wife brought with her three daughters, the youngest who just graduated from high school. Currently he lives with the middle and youngest daughter, his mother-in-law, three cats and too many dogs (he's a cat person) and a 70-gallon aquarium.