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Jess Roth

Jess Roth is a proud geek, nerd, dork, and Colorado native. She graduated from CU Boulder in 2009 with a double degree in Computer Science and Japanese, excited about trying this "adult" thing she'd heard so much about. After three years in the software industry, she quit in a fit of insanity to pursue writing full time. At least, that's what she tells her husband. Her favorite color is purple, which you can probably tell by her hair, glasses, accessories, and wardrobe. Jess is a big fan of gaming (board, video, RPG, etc.), fiber arts (especially crochet), baking (she has a giant sweet tooth), and the LGBTQ* community. She writes M/M romance and quirky speculative fiction. Still a writing noobie, she is always eager to learn from her peers. So far she has two published short stories (hopefully three by the time of MileHiCon!) and is slaving away on the manuscript for her first novel.