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M.H. Boroson

M. H. Boroson's historical fantasy novel THE GIRL WITH GHOST EYES will be published in November by Skyhorse Books and Talos Press. THE GIRL WITH GHOST EYES won first prize in the writing contests of both the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and the Crested Butte Writers. Drawing on his study of Chinese language and religion as well as his love of kung fu movies and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boroson creates culturally attuned supernatural thrillers that blend a deep knowledge of Chinese ghost lore with kickass action, strange monsters, and meaningful explorations of race, class, gender, and family. A self-proclaimed "Social Justice Wizard," he is currently working on further stories in his series THE DAOSHI CHRONICLES, which has been described as "an extended love letter to Chinese folklore, religion, and cinema." If you approach M. H. Boroson, make sure you don't ask him to tell you about the coolest genre you've never heard of. Seriously. Don't even broach the subject.